We are Home, by now everyone should be at there own home, anticipating sleeping in their Own bed.

It was a very long and productive week, our journey there, journey through the week assisting the people of Annapolis, and the journey home was not without some bumps and some twists and turns.( In some cases some extra turns)

Once again I would like the adult leaders Who absolutely make the trip possible and the outstanding youth who give up a week of their summer vacation to spend time helping others

May God bless you all

Mr. D.

On the Road Again…

Boy, our youth (and adults) are efficient. This morning we packed our gear, cleaned the church, and got on the road before 9 a.m. Cleveland, here we come!


Thanks and Praise

I cannot express my gratitude and love for the people on this mission. As director I had Pastors, lay people, Clerks, and the DS of the Annapolis District Thanking me for being there and doing the work.

I get the praise BUT I don’t do the work (at least not at a work site.) Our Adult leaders and youth are hard working super people who find a way to do what needs done, they do it willingly and without complaining. The mission spirit lives in their willingness to not only do the work but to share themselves with the youth and be active roll models of what a giving ministry should be.

As director I take pride in my youth, my adults, my team. God Bless you all

Mr. D.







Tonight was our traditional wrap up to our mission trip. We end with a communion service followed by a candle walk, a circle up, and a sharing or what the trip has meant to us. This trip was super in so many ways, the youth worked together, played together, laughed together and cried together. We heard from some youth that they may not be back due to schooling/College. We heard many that will be back, We heard that the mission trip is what they look forward to all year, That this is their family.

through out the week we dry walled and mudded, built wall frames, insulated, fixed a kitchen floor, stripped wallpaper, pulled weeds, painted and much much more. The work is immensely important but the human contact is what makes mission work up close and personal. We helped a set of wheelchair bound grandparents who are raising their grandchildren (6 & 7). An elderly woman who can’t care for her yard, a different elderly woman who has a beautiful home but lost her Daughter and her husband and has no other family.

The human side of mission is spreading the gift of God’s love not the work.

God prepares us to be the Sanctuary where thanks and praise meet Hope and Love. We give them Hope by showing them Love.

I’ll be a living Sanctuary for GOD

Mr. D.

The Thursday Panic

Those of you who have been on mission with us are all aware of the “Thursday Panic”. It comes from the first mission back in 1997 to Bad River Indian Reservation in Wisconsin. I won’t go into details but it was an adult who had a slight meltdown and was in a panic to complete his job on Friday.

We now caution our teams against the panic, I explain that God sent us to do a job, we get done what is possible and then leave it in God’s hands to provide someone else to finish.

We had a project this week that was a huge undertaking, it involved a lot of wall repair, removing a door and dry walling large portions of a home. The Volunteers In Mission (VIM) Coordinator had sent us there to start the job and he has another group coming next week to finish. He came to our dinner this evening and heard the work team talking about painting the walls. I informed him that they were done with the wall repairs and had primed the walls for painting today and would be painting the final color tomorrow……. Now he was in a bit of a PANIC because he would need to find a different project for the incoming group. In his estimation we should not have been able to finish that job in a week.  He doesn’t know our youth and their ability to get jobs done. He doesn’t know our adults who use their expertise to not only complete jobs but they do it while teaching the youth how to do it and letting them learn. This makes for a better mission worker in the future.  While some people may adhere to the old saying “if you want something done right, do it yourself” Our Adults want it done right but allow the youth to learn HOW to do it right.

I am extremely proud of ALL our work teams and their work. They surpass what is expected, they bring joy to people who are alone and in need of company, they share themselves and they do it in Christian Love. We have built walls, pulled weeds, repaired ceilings and floors and most importantly made friends.

God is Good…….All the Time

Mr. D.


Always a joy to have recreation day roll around. This year we went to Sandy Point State Park,  We had a pavillion, grills,access to the beach, a large Park to play in and lots of food. It was a great day to relax and unwind a bit.

Our next stop was Downtown Annapolis where we wakked the area, checked out some shops and got some great ice cream. (Thanks to Ray & Jane Burnett for that donation).

We did team reports on a dock by some very nice looking boats and then learned that when a parking garage tells you there’s  a 6’2″ clearance they didn’t  mean for the entire garage. (More on that later) a great day, just a little tiring.

Word of the Day

As Director I am always looking for ways to keep work teams motivated and excited to be here. Some years it’s easy some it’s difficult. Several Years ago when we were in our Morning Prayer Circle I gave the group a word of the Day, “Patience” It was Monday and I wanted them focused on their tasks, But historically Mondays are usually slow days as the work site needs to be accessed and the job scoped out, So Patience became the word of the day for Monday.

I Knew I was on to something when I had youth and adults asking me what Tomorrow’s word of the day would be. I told them they’d have to wait to find out (Patience), When truly I had no Idea because it was a new concept. Since that time, ‘Patience” has always been Monday’s word, But the others change.

Last night I researched “Word of the day” and found the New York Times Word of the day was “Bigomy” That was NOT going to work for us. So I thought about what we are doing here, who we are working for and how do we want to be treated, So Today’s Word of the day was “Kindness”, Show kindness to each other to your teams and especially to the people for whom you have come to serve.

What’s that??? What’s Tomorrow’s word of the day??? You’ll just have to wait and see, perhaps you can ask your mission worker when we get home to share the words with you. So Remember be Patient, and be Kind.

More Later

Mr. D.

What I Did Today

What I Did Today     group 4…     day 2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       First: me and my work group took the van to the work site…. then: we got there and worked on the front yard because the sun was down we all was trimming grass one mowed the lawn and when the sun came out we all had to keep taking breaks because it was so hot in Annapolis.  We stayed in the grass to cool down for a minute or so then we went back to work.  I used the weedwacker we took turns then we had lunch. Lunch was good then we went in the house to see what we needed to do. Then we did a lil work then we took trash to the dump then head back to the church.


How to humbled on Work Mission

so after being up since Sunday morning into Monday morning I was looking forward to getting the work teams out to their sites and laying down for my daily nap. however being a director sometimes requires that I stay up to put out the little fires show up along the way. the first such problem was the showers, we have a very nice trailer with 3 portable showers at our disposal they were set up and running Sunday night, when we went to use them Monday morning they wouldn’t work myself and several other adult members tried everything we could to get the showers to work, they didn’t, the work teams were out on their way headed for the sights while I called the shower repair people and then had to stay up and wait for them. A woman arrived around 11:30 walked into the trailer push the button and the shower came on….. I was dumbfounded…. it was a simple matter of not pressing the button to turn the shower on hard enough. Now if that wasn’t bad enough there’s more to the story.As soon as she left I discovered that one of the shower lights did not work and unless you can shower and complete blackness this is a problem. Once again I called her, talked her through what type of bulb was needed and she said she would be back later in the afternoon. She arrived just before work teams arrive back looking for showers. I remove the old light bulb and install the new light bulb it still did not work, I still could not figure it out until she said did you turn on the switch. dumbfoundead again. The old light bulb was still good simply had not turned on light switch on.
There is actually more to this story I’ll save that for another time we have working showers, the work is going well so far so good. God is Good………All the Time……….that’s all for now from Annapolis

Mr D.

Or so we thought

We’re going to work on a ceiling, we said. We’re going to paint stuff, we said.

As it turned out, we didn’t.

The woman at the house we went to apparently wasn’t ready for us, so we had to find something else to work on. After a couple phone calls, we got to work at one of Team 4’s sites for later this week.

The woman there wasn’t expecting anyone until Thursday, but we did get to work there. While the adults were talking to her, we got to sleep in the van for a while. The sleep was nice.

Eventually, we got to work. We walked around the house to find out what we had to work on, and then stopped for lunch, since it was starting to get a little late. For our lunchtime devotion, we created the good ship Minnow.

After lunch, we finally started working on things. We swept out and cleaned up the garage some. I got sent inside and helped Mr. Wolter set up a TV, although we weren’t able to get to many channels. The others wanted to paint a bench, but the stain was the wrong color. We did manage to get some things done, though.

Tomorrow we’re apparently going to be working on a kitchen floor. We shall seee

-Madi, Team 2