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Work Mission Blog 2014

The End of the Mission Isn’t the End

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It’s late in the evening on Saturday.  All the missionaries are back with their families, the rental vans and truck have been returned, and while there is still laundry to be done, Work Mission 2014 is over.  Well, almost. We still need to celebrate the successful conclusion of another work mission with an ice cream social and slide show–two of them, actually.  As a supporter of the mission, you are invited!

What: Work Mission 2014 Ice Cream Social and Slide Show

When and Where:

Sunday, July 13, 2014, 5:00 p.m. at North Olmsted UMC, 4600 Dover Center Rd., North Olmsted

Sunday, July 27, 2014, 5:00 p.m. at Independence UMC, 6615 Brecksville Rd., Independence

We hope we will see you there!


heading home

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Today we left the church we were staying at. Apologies to our parents we started out a little later than we planned (7:45 we headed out)

God is good….

Catching Up

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Since we skipped a couple of days in the busy-ness of getting our work camp running, it’s time to catch you up.  It’s said that the best way to make God laugh is to tell him your plans.  Our plan, courtesy of Shelly, our contact at Crossroads UMC, was to spend the first half of the week at a farm, removing debris, then the second half at a community-owned golf course, removing more debris.  However on Sunday, just as travel group 2 was arriving at Crossroads for dinner a torrential rain struck.  We got a little wet, but the fields were so wet there was no way that we were going to go into them Monday or Tuesday.  So Shelly contacted everyone she could think of to try to find us jobs that weren’t affected by the rain.  Our teams sorted and folded clothes at an area thrift store, worked siding and roofing at that same store, helped prepare Crossroads for their vacation bible school, helped the Montgomerys sort through and clean some of the belongings that they salvaged from the wreck of their home, spread mulch, and helped clear away cement and cinder block from a destroyed foundation.

You can certainly be proud of the youth from our five congregations and beyond.  They have worked hard at any job they have been given.  Over and over I have heard that the people they were helping were impressed with what they were able to get done and with their kindness and compassion.  As a mission director, there is nothing I’d rather hear.  Well done, missionaries!

Work Mission 2014:Wednesday

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Today was an especially fun day for us because we are doing our recreation activity today. First though, we needed to do some work. We headed out to the farm of the Montgomery family and helped clear out some of the debris from their field from the November 18th tornado. Though the sun was hot, God gave us a nice breeze to work under. We are currently waiting to head to the water park, then we are traveling to a park to have a picnic for dinner.

God bless….(written by Caroline S)


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apparently I was told to blog by my youth director so I’m just going to go with it. We just got back from a work site on a farm where we picked up leftover debris from a tornado this past fall. (November 18) Next,we’re going to go to a  water park where hopefully we’ll be able to cool off.

God is good….. (done by Lauren S.)

Nykiyah says…

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This is the best trip ever!



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Day 1 of Work Mission is over. The youth are to bed-and most of them are almost asleep. We all arrived safely and are tucked into the former parsonage. Let me tell you, we have pretty much filled up. We have just enough room for James and his crew when they arrive tomorrow. Now it’s off to bed for this mission director! Pleasant dreams!

YWM 2014

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Work mission 2014 has begun! Travel Group 1 just got back on the road after our lunch break, and we’re almost to Indiana (who knows where Travel Group 2 is) While on our break, we met people from two missions from Wisconsin. One went to New Jersey, and the other went to New York. We’re eight miles from Indiana right now.

I guess we’re having a pretty good time so far :)

More later! :)


Long car rides are the best only for mission trip!!!

~Hannah B.


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Work Mission 2014 will be leaving this Sunday, June 22nd, for Washington, Illinois!

Follow this blog for updates as we head out to help the victims of the devastating tornadoes to hit Illinois.