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Work Mission Blog 2013

Work Mission 2013- Johnson City, New York

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Work Mission 2013 has been going great. Awesome. Spectacular. We’re accomplishing so much, and having so much fun. Johnson City, New York is a unique place. Just as every other place is. Every place has it’s story, and this  city and it’s town and other city have great stories and history. They suffer through so much, two floods within 5 years. I am more than happy to be here helping. My team is working at this art studio that needs A LOT of work. It kind of has the look and feeling of an old abandon factory or warehouse. It’s cleaned up in most places inside and some artists already have a little studio going on. The art is very weirdly unique. They have African sculptures and some portraits. It’s a non-profit organization that allows people to come see forms of art for free. Don is the name of the man behind all this soon to be beauty. He says that there are bands that play there and some dance recitals that also take place there. This place has a lot of potential. Well anyways we’re working on the outside of the place, so like power washing and painting the outer walls which are stucco. And let me tell you, it takes a while to clean AND paint stucco but it’s fun. We’re almost done. Don’s face was so full of joy when he got the first look of the change. Even though it didn’t feel like we did a lot, to him, we did. God has truly blessed us all. Just being a part of God’s work is amazing. Even though our group is smaller this year we are still worshiping and doing God’s work. Bonding with each other and our Heavenly Father. It is simply great. God is good.

-Sheyenne G.

team Mathark

So little time…

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Our teams are hard at work and hard at play, so we haven’t been getting any blogging time.  We’ll try to catch up over the next couple of days.

Can you believe we leave tomorrow?

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Today we packed the truck and are about ready to go.  We have a commissioning service at Independence UMC at 8:30 a.m. and then we leave!  Last year we took a break from work mission to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, and while I enjoyed the time for just the two of us, I really missed the work mission experience.

Our group this year is smaller; we have 32 missionaries.  It seems like our congregations are growing up, and we have fewer youth to go on mission.  In some ways this makes me sad, but it will be nice to be able to get to know everyone on the mission better.

Even if you are not going with us, you are welcome to see us off Sunday morning.  Then stay as Pastor Jared gives his last sermon at Independence UMC before taking on a new challenge as chaplain for the Cleveland Clinic (Oh, and he’s also getting married as well).

-John W.


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Work Mission 2013 will be leaving this Sunday, June 23rd, for Johnson City, New York!

Follow this blog for updates as we head out to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.